Who are we

Purple Leaf was founded in 2014, a supplier of modern outdoor furniture. Today,it’s a global outdoor furnishing brand that brings affordability, design and comfort to people all over many countries. We focus on design and quality, and do our best to create a better everyday outdoor life for many people.

Purple Leaf is a young, stylish and enthusiastic team with its own warehouses and logistics systems all over many countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Australia etc. Build a wide-ranging brand sales network, and always strive to provide customers with high-quality furniture and services, which are favored by end consumers.


Our purpose

Purple Leaf focuses on manufacturing high-quality outdoor furniture. We express your needs through every exquisite detail, and the lean production process ensures that the quality is maximized at a reasonable price, as well as helps you build a warm and comfortable garden. Our furniture style is smooth and elegant, all made of top materials, fully highlighting the ultimate design beauty, aiming to provide you with a better outdoor life.

Our fascination with outdoor life is what makes us Purple Leaf. Every year, we ask thousands of people to share their thoughts and feelings about where they live. We want to learn what makes outdoor life better, so we can help people thrive there. It’s an ongoing research project that feels more important than ever.


Here are the our official websites of other countries 
United States : https://purpleleafshop.com/
Canada : https://purpleleafshop.ca/
United Kingdom : https://purpleleafshop.uk/
Germany : https://purpleleafshop.de/
France : https://purpleleafshop.fr/



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